Music Theory

A collection of useful learning pages, quizzes and tools to help you learn about music theory


Interactive pages to help you learn music theory.


An interactive page, demonstrating scales in the treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs.

See any scale by choosing the clef, key, type and direction. For example, simply select the" bass clef"," D flat", "harmonic minor" and "ascending" to see the D flat harmonic minor scale ascending.

Key Signatures

All the common major and minor key signatures in the treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs.

Musical terms

Definitions of many of the frequently used musical terms, covering the common Italian, French and German words used as instructions in music.

Most of the words have a small sound file attached so you can hear how a word sounds. Just click to hear it spoken.


Hang Note

A musical version of the popular Hang Man game. You are presented with a clue to a musical term together with an indication as to how many letters are needed. Click on the alphabet to select letters.


Manuscript Paper

Downloadable and printable blank manuscript paper for you to use. Various sizes and formats are available - all free to use.

Simple Guitar Tuner

An easy to use tool to help you tune your guitar. Just click and listen.

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